Ichigo vs Kenpachi Zaraki Part 1/2

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Clip begins at: 1:27 Clip ends at: 3:22

The clip begins with a normal lighting, showing that everything seems to be fine, until Ichigo (the protagonist) realises that he’s been stabbed with a sword. Now all the lights are inverted, giving the viewer a feeling that Ichigo is in intense pain. There is the sound of almost a sword going through a rock, cracking it into pieces. The protagonist talks to himself trying to reason with himself about what happened.


Suddenly the lights return to normal, and a bright white light surrounds Ichigo. Bright white lights in anime usually either reffers to the character going to heaven, or the character dying.


In this case, the protagonist was extremely lucky to not die from the first hit, which is what the light is connoting. Parallel music cuts in with a suspicious-like manipulated violin sound, and an electric drumkits bass pedal, which plays 2 notes every bar.


The screen goes black, and all you can see is a small red bell, which tinkles. This is something that you don’t expect to see in a fight scene, as bells are something that usually connote children and school.


The lights brighten out, and suddenly you see the antagonist behind Ichigo, speaking above the music. As the camera turns to Ichigo, after he finishes speaking, there is a non-diegetic sound, whilst a cut of the bottom half of Kenpachi Zaraki speaks.




After the first sentence is finished, the camera zooms out and pans, showing Ichigo and Kenpachi.

Ichigo draws his sword, and a parallel piece of music starts playing. This connotes that a fight is going to break out, and a foregrounded sound is made by Ichigo getting his sword into position with a shout.


When Ichigo draws his sword, a blue light appears around him (if you know of the story of Bleach, it’s his “Spiritual Pressure”) and a diegetic sound is made which sounds like a strong wind blowing.


After a few lines of dialogue, Ichigo attacks Kenpachi, and when the blade hits him, there is a sound of a hand breaking, and a pebble hitting a brick wall. The lights black out and a few blood specks drop onto the floor.


This song makes me smile when I begin the day

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Just makes me smile when I get up in the morning 😀


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So here we are again. I guess that I’m going to start posting on here a little more, as I’m going to be visiting WordPress for my Media work, and blogging seems to be an interest to me now.

I’ll post when I post, and not a moment before.

Catch you later guys,



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This is my summation of rock vs pop genre’s.

The rock genre came from blues which came from jazz/spiritual pieces, which came from Classical music. Blues started in the 19th century (1800’s) when the Africans were employed as slaves for 1st/2nd world countries. The Africans struck back with their music, and this is what set them apart from being slaves. This is what stopped the slave trade and played (hur-hur-hur) a part in the enforcement of the no slavery law.Pop music, as a full genre started in around the 1950’s, 150 years after the blues genre originated. Although, you could argue that from the 1900’s onwards, Rock was pop, as pop is an abbreviation of Popular, or Popular music, and Rock was popular during those times. So to sum it all up, we all listen to pop music, because Rock is popular and so is Rap/RnB/Dubstep etc etc.

My Uniqueness Radio Episode 3: “Reach For The Cataclysm!”

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https://dl.dropbox.com/u/10655011/Episode%203%20Reach%20for%20the%20Cataclysm.mp3 !

Show notes later!

News on My Uniqueness

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No Episode 4 ’till episode 3 is released, sorry im just OCD…. (and lazy!)

Good Hunting


News on My Uniqueness

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No Episode 4 ’till episode 3 is released, sorry im just OCD…. (and lazy!)

Good Hunting