Character Profiles

Jason Smith



Age – 24

Psychological Profile – Calm, relaxed, positive. Becomes darker, worried, depressed, shows mild cases of insanity towards end of the film.

Jason is the main protagonist of the film. At the beginning, he is found in front of the dead body of Richard Hunt, his friend.

His first reaction to seeing the body is to run away. During the run, he manages to smash his head and fall into a ditch, causing him to wake up the next day with amnesia.

His main goal is to piece together what happened the night before after the police begin to tell him that he may have been involved in a murder that night.

However, the memories that he recover begin to take their toll on his psychological profile, as the information begins to piece together to create the idea that Jason was the murderer.

Costume; Black trousers, white shirt, blazer, black shoes, slicked hair

Lewis Joslin has taken the role of Jason Smith.

Paula Grayson


Age – 23DSCF4895

Psychological Profile – Worried, Stressed, Confused.

Paula was the other character to witness the murder of Richard Hunt, who was also a good friend to Paula as well as Jason.

After seeing Jason run from the scene, the police come in to take her away, but she convinces the police that the murderer is Jason.

She is still taken in for interrogation, but has become too paralysed with fear about witnessing such an event, and is the one to witness the corruption of Detective Jackson firsthand.

She has had history of breaking the law, but only through petty crimes such as theft.

Costume; Long black skirt, white shirt, scarf round shoulder, curly hair, red lips, belt, black boots/shoes, knife

Cara Weatherley has taken the role of Paula Grayson.


Detective Jackson


Age – 47DSCF4891

Psychological Profile – Negative, Violent, Short Tempered.

Detective Jackson has been the officer chosen to investigate the murder of Richard Hunt.

He has two suspects, known as Paula Grayson and Jason Smith. However, all is not as it seems with Jackson.

He has abused his rights as detective many times previously and has a reputation of using violence to get the answers he needs or taking matters into his own hands rather than agreeing with the law.

Costume; Tweed jacket, white shirt, black tie, black/brown shoes, black hat, glasses, waistcoat, magnifying glass

Robert Nash has taken the role of Detective Jackson.


Richard Hunt


Age – 25DSCF4900

Psychological Profile – Laid back, humorous, Positive.

A long time friend of both Paula Grayson and Jason Smith, Richard was found dead at his own home in the late hours of the night.

Both Paula and Jason have been suspected of Richard’s murder, it still remains unknown who committed the murder and what the motive was.

All that is known is that a kitchen knife was the weapon of choice.

Costume; Black trousers, white shirt, blood stain, black shoes, hat fallen off

Ed Mitchell has taken the role of Richard Hunt.

The character profiles were made by Lewis Joslin and the costume ideas and photos were taken by Harriet Kersey


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