Audition Script

This is the script that my group is going to be using for the auditions for our Film Noir film. It is the first scene, and it gives a simple but effective of what the actual film is going to be. I thought that I gave a good explanation of who the audience should currently think killed the victim, and who the different characters are, and what they do. 


The first shot would be a fade in to find 3 people in a room, one dead, one with a knife in the hand, Paula Grayson, the other the main protagonist, Jason Smith. The protagonist becomes very worried and runs out of the house into the distant forest, police sirens in the background. He is struggling to take in what has just happened so is unable to focus properly, and as he is running through the forest, he trips up, falls into a ditch, knocks his head and is rendered unconscious. The scene then shifts to Jackson, who has been called onto the scene to investigate what has happened, seeing the woman who was inside the house with the knife, and taking him into custody. The next day, the protagonist wakes up and has forgotten everything about who he is and what happened the previous night. Two officers walk by and work out that he may know something about the events of last night, and so take him to the police station.



Paula: “W-w-what happened?”


Jason: “I… don’t… know… run… I just gotta run…”


Paula: “Why? Why are you blaming this on me?”


Jason: “Because it’s YOUR fault! You are the one who did it, you’re the one who should take the blame for it. This all began because you couldn’t take the blame for your actions!”

Jason runs and Paula exits the scene


As Jason is running, there is a narrative of his voice.


During the acted live version, the character will stop, turn to the audience and say the lines


Jason: “I… She… came at me…” continues to run “Or, did I go for him?…” continues to run “I don’t understand anymore…”


He falls on the floor, curtains open/lights are exposed greatly. Paula enters the scene


Paula: “What just happened? What did I do? What did they do? Who said what? I don’t know how I feel anymore… I’m shocked… Richard? Nope, he’s dead…”




Detective: “So, considering you have a knife in your hands, there is a dead body on the floor, and you’re the only one here, by the power of my deduction, by the power invested in me, you are arrested under the suspicion of murder.”


Paula: “NO! It wasn’t me… I didn’t do it… it was Jason! He ran… as soon as he did it, he placed the knife in my hand, and ran. I tried to resist, but I wasn’t strong enough, there was nothing I could do.”


Detective: “Well, we’ll try and find him, but for now. You’re coming with me.


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