I am writing this post because I recently went to Spain on a holiday + I feel guilty about not writing blog posts often.

In Spain – from 12 to 8 – they have ciesta time, where they are supposed to go to sleep for 4 hours (which 4 are a persons choice) and some shops close, and this annoys me as if 1 is going to shut, then they all might aswell shut! As an example, I had to buy someone some cigarettes (I would never want to smoke. EVER… may explain it one time in another blog post. But don’t quote me on that.) and because it was my holiday, I wasn’t getting up before midday, which meant I had to get up extra early the 2nd last day so that I could get them before going to the airport the next day.

The second reason that I am ranting about Spain is because of the beautiful beaches! And no I am not just talking about all of the beautiful half naked women tanning their chests on the beach (even though most people of my age would be!). I seriously loved the beaches of Spain, the waves, the atmosphere, and the ice cream (YUM!) and when I noticed them when someone pointed them out to me, I liked the womens chests aswell!

The whole atmosphere of Spain is beautiful and I would love to go again, if allowances permit, but I must admit, it did get a bit boring after 3 weeks!

Good hunting.



~ by airfire21 on August 11, 2010.

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