Music and its meanings

Today, I am going to talk about music, and it’s many hidden meanings.
When I listen to music, I am drawn in, I imagine how the writer was feeling at this moment in time, and what they meant people to find easily, and things that you have  to look for and things you have to work out before you understand the true meaning of the song. Brick By Boring Brick, by Paramore, is a great example, I watched the video of that song at least 100 times and listened to that song over 300 times, before I finally  understood what the song meant, I suggest you do it, when you figure it out its a very nice and rewarding feeling. I do not think this is the best example, just the most recent, the best example is probably Genesis, there is so much to look for, and so much meaning in their songs, that most people don’t have the pure determination in their minds to do it, because, there is just too much to look for, to many ideas, and some of them could even be wrong!
Interperitation may be one of the worst things ever invented, one person could hear one person say one thing, and think that this person said the complete opposite then what they actually meant. I mean as I mentioned earlier with Paramore, my interperitation of that song could be completely wrong! Although I personally think that everything that someone has to think about, makes the world go round. If you have to think about what your having to eat tonight when someone asks you, then you are interperating that you WILL actually eat tonight, and asking yourself what you are going to have to eat tonight. It makes good conversatin, it creates an atmosphere, and it makes you ponder, which is nice to get your brain going and thinking.
Thats done for my rant about music, hope you enjoyed it!
Good Hunting

~ by airfire21 on July 1, 2010.

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