What I Like About Video Games

As many of you know i like the veggie games (shout out to scott johnson to giving me that phrase) and i listen to podcasts about them, e.g. http://www.finalscoreshow.com (missiondeep and extralife on twitter) or One Of Swords Oneofswords.com (oneofswords on twitter) and play video games frequently, and I thought recently, why do i like video games? All they are are animated charachters who just run round the screen killing people or driving round a track really fast. And because I have said this most of would say, its about the competition or the guns or the fast cars, but for me? No. For me video games are all about the lore, the story behind all of the stuff in front of the fast cars and the guns. Which is probably why I didn’t enjoy Call Of Duty: WaW, because i knew that story, I knew about WWII, so why would I find it interesting to play through 2 cut-scene stories of people in WWII?

I didn’t.

Hope you guys are enjoying my blog so far!

Good Hunting



~ by airfire21 on June 16, 2010.

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