The troubles of going to school

In my country, it is stated in the law, that you must go to school and learn until you are 18, and then you have free will, most people, go to university or college, but there can be a slight problem with this:

In going to school there is class work, and there is homework (well at my school there is anyway) and then there is tests. Now everyone finds class work easy, if you don’t understand it, you just put your hand up and say sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand, and then you can distract the teacher for the whole lesson and they don’t even notice and suddenly WOOPS it’s time to go, time to leave, and most people (obviously I always gets it done) haven’t actually done any work.

Homework, is a little bit harder, if you don’t understand something, you have to look it up, and them, if you don’t do your homework  because you don’t have time to do everything or you really really don’t understand it, you get into trouble! I mean if you just couldn’t be bothered to do it then yeah, you deserve to get into trouble! But myself? I have a family and things to do and people to check up on and I have a very busy lifestyle. Back in the junior school days, if you didn’t do on your homework, you got a disappointed frown and a slap round the head, but now, if you don’t, you get into big trouble!

And THEN there are tests! Tests are the WORST thing in school, you have to sit there being silent for an hour, not really knowing what you are doing (unless you studied like I always do)  and then, once you’ve finished, the teacher just says, revise another subject, and sit them twiddling your thumbs! I personally detest tests (get what I did there 😉 ) and feel that they are a waste of time. All they do is show who works well under severe pressure ; there could be much easier ways of testing someone’s knowledge.

So yeah, all in all, School is bad, Freedom is good! (Think i’ve found my new saying?!)

Good Hunting



~ by airfire21 on June 15, 2010.

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